Manic Muses Has a New Home

After five years as a free WordPress site, Manic Muses has moved to its own domain. All subscribers as of 6/15/2016 have been migrated, but please update your old bookmarks to

If you’re looking for a particular post and it’s discussion thread, below are the new links for the most popular topics.

Thank you so much for your continued interest. Hopefully the next five years will see this blog grow even more.


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Abilify Withdrawal – Round 1 11,389
Is There Now Evidence Withdrawal From Antipsychotics Can Induce Psychosis? 10,985
Abilify Withdrawal – Round 3: Abilify Wins and Antipsychotic Dependence 8,023
Bipolar Disorder Can Mimic Psychopathy? 7,766
Homeland – An Irresponsible Portrayal of Bipolar Disorder? 5,749
Success! I’ve Quit Abilify 2,203
Pedaling Into the Wind – Abilify and Weakness 1,969
Mapping the Human Brain 1,790
The Misuse and Abuse of Antipsychotics 1,562
Terminated Employee with Bipolar Disorder Awarded $315,000 in ADA Case 1,486
Thyroid Disease and Bipolar Disorder 1,445
About Me 1,440
Bipolar and Intelligence 1,391
DSM V and Bipolar 829
The Hypomania is Coming! The Hypomania is Coming! 647
Abilify Withdrawal – Round 2 546
“Depression and Upper Class Economic Position” 516
Blog for Mental Health 515
Should a Diagnosis of Bipolar Exclude a Candidate from the US Presidency 496
Books 465
About BP 462
Does a bipolar state of mind encourage creative genius 445
Abilify and Agoraphobia? 427
Abilify – the Culprit After All 377
Interesting Week for Bipolar 376
Bipolar Disorder and Memory 376
Homeland: Claire Danes says it’s ‘a responsibility’ to play a bipolar character 367
The Agitation of Hypomania 350
I AM Bipolar 321
Abilify and Hypomania 319
Follow Up: One Show (Homeland), A Few Awards (Golden Globes): Helpful in Fighting Bipolar Stigma? 316
Temper Tantrums, Mental disorder, and DSM-5: The Case for Caution – Psychiatric Times 285
Resources 253
Research Explores the Positives of Bipolar Disorder 243
The Paradoxes of Bipolar and Creativity 241
Should Involuntary Treatment for the Mentally Ill Be the Law? 218
Hypomania or Mania – Which was it? 218
The Energy Post 216
Can Antipsychotics Induce Psychosis? – Round 2 214