My husband is very sweet.  He constantly asks me how I’m doing.  Since I am not doing all that great, today’s post is more of a rant I’m afraid.  I’m trying to get a mixed state hypomania under control, and the agitation is getting the better of me.

Sometimes I really like hypomania.  I can get so much done in so little time when I’m on my game.  But, a mixed state like this drives me up a wall.  Boundless energy hampered by irritability can best be described as a desire to shatter all the glass in the house.  There are few things more irritating than having countless things to do and be unable to start any task. Today, I can’t even get my act together to put on the iPod and go for a walk.  The paralysis irritability and agitation bring with it only wind me up more.

I have contacted the Dr, I have adjusted my meds.  Now it’s a waiting game.  The next thing on my agenda is to try to go do something nice for myself this afternoon to curb the irritability.

OK, everyone.  What do you do when the hypomania train rolls into the station?