English: Lamotrigine structure

Lamotrigine Structure

I don’t have anything science-y or nerd-y to post this week.  Primarily because I wasn’t reading at all – I’ve been riding the New Medication Roller Coaster.  This week I finally titered up to 200mg of Lamotrigine.

I’ll spare you the details of starting the med and increasing the dose, because it’s boring.

What isn’t boring is the mixed episode that hit Tuesday.  It came out of nowhere and resulted in my husband calling the crisis line.  I was fine at 10AM and by 12:30PM I was a raving lunatic.  Wednesday was blurry but emotional, Thursday was better and Friday saw an awesome, productive hypomania.  I got so many things done I was  shouting, “Go, me!” by the end of the day.  When I spoke with my NP, she told me to knock of whatever I was doing, sip a cup of tea and take a hot bath.  She was not impressed when I told her how good I was feeling and how much I’d accomplished that day.

I’ve heard complaints that since Lamotrigine counters depression, at low doses it does, indeed, act like an antidepressant, thereby becoming ‘activating’ and causing hypomania.  Hmmm.  I really hope this is true, because it is certainly the case with me.

I’m not ready to chuck in the towel just yet.  Some people claim it is a miracle drug, once you get to a therapeutic level that’s right for you.  Two hundred mg is the minimal therapeutic level studies have been performed on, so I’ll be brave and tough it out for a month.  However, I really hope I’m not starting to rapid cycle.  Looking back over my posts, this is a concern that’s appeared a few times.

So, yeah.  This was a self-indulgent post.

If anyone has any experiences with Lamortigine they are willing to share, I’m all ears.  Well, hopefully I will be able to ‘hear’ you above the clatter of breaking dishes.  🙂