Well, all of my whining about a robust mood tracking app for the Android platform can cease.  Here comes Mood Watch:

With Mood Watch, users can track how they feel mentally, emotionally and physically by answering a short set of questions, tracking their sleep quality, blood pressure and meditation.

Next users are encouraged to rate their anxiety level, mood, level of calmness, focus/mindfulness and energy level three times a day — morning, noon and night.

Those who have specific details about their day that they’d like to record can add personal notes during each entry. Once all entries are complete, a report can be generated at the click of a button detailing all the information entered during the week. Reports created by Mood Watch can be printed out for personal reflection, or emailed to a physician or therapist for further discussion.

Mood Watch also offers users the ability to enter the names of the supplements or medications they are taking, and set alarms to go off throughout the day to help ensure they are following their regimen as planned or as directed by a physician.

This is probably the answer to my whining because it allows for several things – tracking multiple mood datapoints for a single day, tracking meds with dosages, tracking sleep hours and quality.  Bonus:  You can mail your doc a report, too.  And, all on the Android platform!  (i-devices are supported as well.)

For more information, see Bipolar I Patient Creates Mood Tracking App

I’ll post a review as soon as I’ve had a few weeks to test drive Mood Watch.