Bar graph chart

Bar graph chart (Photo credit: RambergMediaImages)

I’ve just returned from seeing my Nurse Practitioner, and told her I am most likely her worst patient, ever.  I have the free diary the practice gave me 1.5 years ago (in pristine condition). I have multiple applications installed on my smartphone. I’m beyond spreadsheet savvy. And God knows I have enough pads and pens floating around my house to choke a medium-sized pony.  There is no excuse why I do not track my moods.  But, I don’t.  If I’m depressed, I have zero motivation to do so.  If I’m stable or manic, I just don’t have time for that sh**.


After a bit more discussion on this stale topic, the conversation did take an unexpected turn.  Based on the description of how I’ve handled life in the six weeks since I last saw her, the NP believes I may be rapid cycling.


Just when I thought my disease couldn’t get any more interesting.


After I came home, I did what every good, IT nerd would do.  Scour the internet for  an Android smartphone mood tracking application that will allow multiple mood data points to be recorded for a single day.


After an hour of searching, I can find no such application.  Even those BP-ers out there who are rapid cyclers are endorsing apps that allow only one mood entry per day.


Well, junk in, junk out.  (The database aficionados know what I’m talking about.)  I need an app that’s pretty robust to determine if A) there is any ultra rapid cycling going on, and B) if the changes in mood are precipitated by certain types of events.


So, Dear Readers, I would love to hear from anyone who has found an Android smartphone app that allows the user to record their mood multiple times per day. Anyone?  Please say there is something.  Pen and paper is for wusses and I’m not up to devising an app from scratch (or begging my husband to create one).