Well, that’s it.  Over and out.

Pug and Dodgeball

Pug and Dodgeball (Photo credit: zoomar)

Nah, I’ll write a bit more.  I’m in that weird place between being well and sliding into a depression.  I’m sad enough to cry at some sappy commercials but not enough to stay in bed for hours on end.  I make it to my therapy appointment, and she’s not suggesting adjusting my med, but she wants to move our next session up by one week.  I have ideas about what I want to do during the day but I just can’t seem to accomplish much.  There’s one word that keeps popping up over and over, too.  It’s ‘disinterested.’

Yeah, I might be headed for trouble, since even therapy isn’t helping right now – it’s acting like a trigger.

Being disinterested is just weird.  The best description I can give for non-Bipolar/non-depressed people is: I’ll start something – like revamping the look of my blog – with determination and a few great ideas.  Forty-five minutes later, the enthusiasm has evaporated and I’m just over it.  I don’t really care whether I follow through or not.  I know I’m doing it, too.  It’s kind of like a mini-rapid cycle that swings from mildly interested to disinterested, but without any destructive consequences.

This is my fourth attempt at a post in five days and I should just hit the Publish button.  Before I either become disinterested again or WordPress eats my words. (WP thought my post on Silver Linings Playbook was particularly scrummy.  Maybe if it wins an Academy Award I’ll be interested enough again to try to write another post.)