Few women will ever be in this position, however at one point in my life I was asked to donate my eggs to a person who was having tremendous fertility difficulties. I was in my early 30’s. Although I love the person who asked and was physically healthy as a horse, I immediately and adamantly declined the request for the sole reason I decided never to potentially pass along the suffering that comes with having a mental illness. Since my own Bipolar struggle increased ten-fold after my pregnancy and my son suffers from depression, to this day I am very much a peace with my decision not to donate my eggs.

Should depressed people avoid having children?

It’s a compelling and very individual question. There isn’t any doubt that for some depression is the catalyst for greatness. But, at a very high price. Whatever your opinion, I applaud Sarah Silverman for her candor. She certainly knows herself better than most of the people I’m acquainted with, mental illness sufferers or not.