Being Bipolar is pretty exhausting.  And, annoying.  Having to check in with yourself several times a day to gauge those mysterious entities of mood, anxiety, etc gets really old.  There are some days, though, when physical illness trumps mental illness.  This probably sounds odd, but having a really bad cold, or toothache or some other mild physical ailment can actually bring me BP relief.  I’ll be honest, feeling crummy in a different way lets me put the whole Bipolar-thing on a back burner.  These last few days I’ve had a whopper of a cold.  Summer colds are the worst, too. Having to deal with my sinuses and the lethargy from the illness has put me in a zen-like place.  I’m too zoned out to even have a mood right now.  No, this isn’t the bedtime cold med talking (that wore off hours ago).  It’s a testament to living in the moment and how even some physical discomforts can have benefit in a really odd way.

I’m going to go back to the couch, sit down and enjoy the zen I’ve found through my painful sinuses.  Om.