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This is week-old news, but worth repeating.

Key blockbuster drugs about to get generic rivals
These are blockbuster drugs, with more than $1 billion in annual global sales, set to go off patent and get generic competition in the U.S. in the next two years:
Patent ends Brand name Generic name Use/conditions treated Made/sold by
Oct. 2011 Zyprexa olanzapine schizophrenia/bipolar Eli/Lilly
Nov. 2011 Lipitor atorvastatin high cholesterol Pfizer
March 2012 Lexapro escitalopram depression Forest/Labs
March 2012 Seroquel quetiapine schizophrenia/bipolar AstraZeneca
March 2012 Avapro/Avalide irbesartan high blood pressure Bristol-Myers/Sanofi
April 2012 Provigil modafinil narcolepsy Cephalon
May 2012 Plavix clopidogrel clot prevention Bristol-Myers/Sanofi
July 2012 Tricor fenofibrate high triglycerides Abbott
Aug. 2012 Singulair montelukast asthma/allergies Merck
Aug. 2012 Actos pioglitazone diabetes Takeda
Sept. 2012 Diovan valsartan high blood pressure Novartis
Sept. 2012 Geodon ziprasidone bipolar disorder Pfizer
Nov. 2012 Lidoderm lidocaine pain patch Endo
Dec. 2012 Atacand candesartan heart failure AstraZeneca
March 2013 Lovaza omega-3 acid high triglycerides GlaxoSmithKline
Aug. 2013 Temodar temozolomide brain tumors Merck
Note: Patent expiration/generic arrival dates can change due to litigation or regulatory issues.Sources: Medco Health Solutions, company websites.