Yup – feeling too good can be bad, according to a new study.  In an article to be published in the August issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, psychologist June Gruber of Yale University considers how positive emotion may become negative in bipolar disorder.

Well, yeah.  We’ve all known this for a while.  Usually an overwhelming amount of positive emotion heralds the onset of a hypomanic/manic episode.  In all fairness, I read the blurb about the upcoming article, and although it does address excessive amounts of positive emotion in inappropriate circumstances as a problem, it also cites that most people with BP have excessive positive emotions, even when not manic.  Sigh.  We just can’t get a break, can we.

On July 7, 2011 I blogged about feeling normal and how it is unfortunately an unnerving experience for someone with BP.  I read the article today and was told that feeling too good is also not desirable.  So, that leaves depression, which is hell.  OK, I’m being cynical here, but if I piece together all the information I’ve read the past three weeks, there is not one emotion considered normal for someone with BP.  As a matter of fact, having periods of remission weren’t mentioned in anything I read.  Rather disheartening.

Personally, I continue to feel as though I am in a remission and I’ll continue to check in with myself several times a day and see how I am feeling.  But again (I’ve said this so many times before), this being Bipolar stuff is pretty exhausting.