Is it just me?  Or can low doses of caffeine help create a positive mood?

When I began treatment for my Bipolar II disorder with asenapine (brand name Saphris), I was so pleased with the result I figured if I took things a step further and just followed the BP diet and med regimen to the letter, I would be forevermore in a good place.   So, I quit all caffeine.  After my third day of coffee deprivation, however, something strange began to happen.  My mood became worse.  Much worse. How could this be happening?  I felt so good!  Isn’t caffeine supposed to be evil?

After one by one adding back all the supposedly nasty things I had cut out of my diet, I finally (thankfully!) hit on the answer.  Gradually, I added back two cups of coffee per day to my diet – one in the morning and one to get me through that devilish 2 o’clock hour.  Within two days I was feeling on top of the world and stable once again.  Huh?

Like asenapine, caffeine seems to be a wonder drug for me.  Hooray!  After a bit of Google-ing I ran across some interesting info from the book Caffeine by Gene A. Spiller.  Seems I am not that crazy after all.

Caffeine, “…been shown to improve the negative moods often seen early in the morning and after lunch.”

“In drug interaction studies, caffeine has been shown to amplify the positive mood changes induced by other stimulants.”

“The mood effects of caffeine appear to be dose dependent…Low doses seem to improve mood, while higher doses have negative mood effects.”

I’m not a physician (far from it) and I’m not advocating everyone who is bipolar go out and hit a Starbucks.  I’m just curious…has anyone else out there found a low dose of caffeine has a positive influence on them?