My inner dialogue goes 1000 mph. I’m always thinking and conversing with myself about whatever is happening – an event, a topic on NPR, what the guy across the restaurant was thinking when he chose that ugly purple tie. But, the whole question of what is inner dialogue vs psychosis is now plaguing my pea brain. Especially since I’ve recently been diagnosed with Bipolar II.

So, without fear and a nice hypomanic mood to bolster my confidence, I decided to ask my therapist about it this evening. Apparently my Abilify dose does not need to be raised.  Yelling at the radio is ‘normal.’  Believing you have a personal relationship with the announcer and you are actually conversing with them is not.  Muttering to yourself at work (about everything from the task you’re trying to complete to the injustices inflicted upon everyone by management) is not only normal, but can be considered endearing by your colleagues.  Talking to your keyboard is not.

The crux of psychosis vs inner dialogue seems is whether you feel there is a personal relationship with the entity or object or imaginary friend you are conversing with.  Thankfully, I am just boring with no friends.  🙂